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Dear Visitor,

On the evening of January 6th, 2017, while visiting a friend in Osaka Japan, I developed a sudden prostrate gland problem which stopped me passing urine normally. The next morning, I sought for help from a police box who called an ambulance which took me to the nearby hospital. There my bladder was drained with a tube. After that I went to two urologists, one in Osaka and the second in my local area of Niigata Japan. Now I am using a tube I can relieve myself with and under medical care. Thank God my Japanese health insurance covers 70% of the cost and so far I have been able to pay for one hospital visit in an ambulance, and two visits to a urologist. It only cost $200 to date, January 14, 2017. But I only have a hundred dollars left to my name. Winter months are times of very low income. I may not be able to earn any substantial amount of money till March.

I am also in need of two eye operations, one for glaucoma, and the other to remove cataracts. But I only have a hundred dollars left to my name and no substantial income till March. I am not asking for thousands of dollars, only a few hundred should help and $300 would be a super blessing!

If God touches your heart, and especially if you have been a frequent visitor to this website, would you please send me a donation through Paypal so I can keep my head above water? I am also the webmaster of jamesjpn.net and you can read my bio on it.

You can send a gift to my Paypal account: james.arendt@deeptruths.com

Because Deep Truths is not an official charity recognized by Paypal, please do not use the word "Donation" as the reason for the money transfer. Maybe something like, "For services rendered", would be acceptable.

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One of the purposes of Deep Truths is to help save the world from deceptions and lies by exposing those who control both the media and our educational institutions for the purpose of the mental conditioning of the masses to prepare them for the New World Order, also known as the One World Government led by the Antichrist!

You probably won't hear some of these teachings in any public school or church! It is my earnest desire that by reading these articles you will have a major paradigm shift in your life to perceive reality the way your Creator wants you to perceive it! More reasons for Deep Truths...

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